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Saturday, 30 June 2012

postheadericon Nokia Cable Finder Version-9 @ 4th May 2012

Nokia Cable Finder Version-9

Auto Update of New Models at Ist Run .. Need to Restart Your Computer.

Compatible with All Versions of Windows.

Secure Your Folders by unauthorised access with Password Protection.


Download mirrors for Nokia_Cable_Finder_Version-9__by_Mehmood_Riaz.rar - Mirrorcreator - Upload files to multiple hosts

Nokia Cable Finder Version-9 by Mehmood Riaz.rar

postheadericon Miracle Support Suite Version-1.1 16th June 2012

postheadericon MIRACLE BOX 1.17 Most Amazing UPDATE 20 JUNE 2012

postheadericon VolcanoBox V1.3.4 Added SamSung T999 & more

  • Added samsung T999
  • Modify MSTAR Find Pass Algo
  • Modify COOLSAND Find Password Algo
  • Modify SPD Imei tools
  • Modify 6800H Flashing
  • Modify SPD Find Password Algo

postheadericon MXKEY / MXBOX v3.5 revision 2.2

v3.5 revision 2.2, Public-Release


1. Nokia module updated to version 2.2

1.1 added: Qualcomm DLOAD flashing protocol for WP7 devices (Lumia)

1.2 added: Qualcomm eMMC Tool
- Usefull to work with lumia with unlocked bootloader (Qualcomm DLOAD)
- allows to analyze disk & partitions inside lumia eMMC chip
- allows to export / import single partitions for firmware hacking
- allows to write custom WP7 OS for lumia
- allows to restore OSBL to default (Nokia DLOAD)
- allows to edit PMM values (Product code, etc)

1.3 added: Lumia 710 bootloader unlock
- Flashing OSBL with Qualcomm DLOAD enabled, allows to root/jailbreak lumia
- With jailbreaked WP7 allows to install app (*.xap) from browser
- supported/available package for now:
RM-803 (Lumia 710)

postheadericon All Samsung Flash Files

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