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Monday, 30 July 2012

postheadericon VolcanoBox V1.4.4 Moon Walk Update

Whats new in Moon Walk Update ?

Added New Samsung for ADB Unlocking !!

  • I9003
  • I9008
  • I9010
  • I9020
  • I9023
  • I9088
  • I9100G
  • I9100P
  • I9103
  • I9108
  • I9188
  • P6200
  • P6800
  • P7100
  • P7300
  • P7320
  • P7500
  • T849

Added Coolsand CT8853B new flash id s64-104RIP,short as CT8853B-S64

Added MSTAR new Algo

Modify spd 6800H flashing

Added MTK Boot V5.1205 MT6235USB Read/Write/Format

Added Some New Firmware Support for Samsung Models



About Huawei Modem Unlock Code Calculator

We Support for Calculate Brand New Security for Huawei Modems if you Calculate any code and Modem say Wrong code simply calculate it by any Device ( Mostly all devices at the moment calculating OLD security Modems ) in next few days we will add Code Calculating for OLD Security also Direct Unlocking too
for example

This is imei of one Modem
*if this Modem using New Security then this code 58697021 will work
*if this Modem using Old Security then this code 49494159 will work

How to put Unlock code in Modems ?

1- Generate code from VolcanoBox
2- Insert any Different Sim ( if your Modem original have Vodafone so its locked on Vodaphone so simply take out and insert Orange Sim or Tmobile or any other)
3- Plug modem to your PC or Laptop
4- Run your modem software
5- it will ask to put unlock code
6- Copy and Paste unlock code calculated from Volcano
Your Modem is Unlocked !!
Note= Some Modems have Custom firmware which not allow to enter Code Simply update that modems with normal firmware ( search google for firmware update and tools ) after update you have to repeat 1 to 6 your modem will unlocked !!

About Alcatel Flashing and Unlocking

1- defind pins from VolcanoBox
2- use Premade cables of Alcatel phones and connect to Unibox

if you are using VolcanoBox as Interface then go to Alcatel tab and select VolcanoBox comport !! If you are using UniBox as Interface then go to Alcatel tab and Select Unibox comport !!

after that select model and if you want to unlock you can use Unlock Buttons and if you want to Flash then you have to download Flash files . Select flash file and Flash it

here i upload video for you Guys in this video i am using UniBox as Interface

UniBox means Anybox which have universal pinout like Z3x,Vygis,InfinityBox etc

Official Support Download link

Mirror Download link

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